Why I am STOKED To Raise My Kids In Ministry

August 24, 2015


It is no secret that pastors’ kids often times get a bad rap. They are often stereotyped as the rebellious, entitled, bad attitude type of kids and many pastors fear that raising their kids in ministry will result in this type of kid. However, when it comes to raising my kids in ministry I don’t look at it as negative or as an extra challenge, but rather an opportunity.
My kids are at church all the time! Church for them is just part of their life, and even at three years old they have seen and experienced what it means to be in ministry. I can remember one of my daughters just prior to her second birthday getting up on stage when we weren’t watching her, grabbing a microphone and saying “Keck, keck” and she walked around the stage like she owned it. It was cute, and it was funny, but it was awesome because she has seen so many mic checks and been a part of ministry her entire life that it is just normal for her. And that excites me! I have known pastors who shelter their kids from ministry instead of showing them that it is wonderful. Here are a few of the reasons why I am excited to raise my kids in ministry.

The Church is their play ground

Since I am usually one of the first people there and one of the last to leave my kids spend a lot of time at the actual church facility. Not to mention the visits to daddy’s office during the week and the random days of hanging out at the church for fun. My kids know where the fun rooms and the fun toys are and I am so excited that they get to experience that because I want church to be a place of fun for them, even though some may say church should be a no fun zone. My kids get a unique opportunity to play at the church after hours, experience the “secret” spots, and do things at the church facility not everyone gets to do. And that is awesome! I am so excited for them to be able to grow up having fun in the church building and if that means that they get to watch 4th of July fireworks from the roof of the church then awesome, we will do it! (This may or may not have already happened)

Serving is a way of life

As a parent my biggest goal is to raise children that love the Lord and love the things that He loves. Raising my kids in ministry means they get to experience those things that the Lord loves first hand. They get to see a love for the church, a passion for reaching lost people, and develop a heart for serving others. I want to lead by example and being in ministry full time is what my children will see multiple times throughout the week, every week, as they grow up. I am excited to raise my kids in ministry because I want them to see ministry not as something that happens once a month but as a lifestyle.

Ministry is real for them, and they experience how it is done

While serving is a lifestyle, my kids will see that it is not just a fantasy concept, it is real life. When you are raised in ministry things are not sugar coated, you see the good, the bad, and the ugly. They will have a real concept of ministry which means they will have also seen God do amazing things in people’s lives! They will know know what doing ministry is all about and that is exciting, not something to be afraid of. I am excited for my kids to learn how to do ministry by watching me. They will not only know leadership concepts but will see how to lead and experience what it is like.

Many pastors and ministry families fear raising their kids in ministry, but I see it as nothing less than an amazing opportunity! I am so excited to raise my kids in ministry.


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