What to Do When You Have a BIG IDEA

February 16, 2016

Have you ever had a big idea? Have you ever had a big idea that was never actually followed through on? Why is that?

Too many people in ministry have big ideas that never actually get put into practice. We have all had those big ideas that pop into our heads while we are in the shower, about to fall asleep at night, in the middle of the night, or while driving. Why do they happen at those times? I have no idea! But they do, and a lot of times they are GREAT ideas! So, how do we get those ideas from just an idea of something that could be to something that actually does happen?
1. Pray

I think way too often people in ministry try and run with their big ideas before they bring them before God. I know I sure do! Praying should be the first thing you do, and I am talking to myself right now as much as I am to anyone else. Talk to God about your idea, ask Him to guide your thoughts and your planning. Pray about what it might look like, how it will happen, and what God wants to do through it. Seek the Lord and listen to Him about your big idea before doing anything.
2. Ask for input

Talk to someone about your idea and get their input, because if your mind works like mine sometimes your big idea is actually a bad idea. By simply talking to someone about your idea you can have that decided before you pour hours and hours of work into it. Also, you will find that the refining of your idea, whether it is added to or subtracted from, can be extremely helpful in pulling it off.


3. Do work!!

One of the main reasons that ideas never turn into anything is because people are not willing to put in the work it takes. Work your butt off!!! Start by…

  • Defining exactly what you are trying to do
  1. Ask yourself the “why”, the purpose behind what you are doing.
  2. Then define specifically “what” it is you are trying to do. I.e. the practical outcome you are trying to achieve. Practical being the key word, because the last thing you want to do is set yourself up for failure, or give yourself such a big mountain that you never actually begin.
  • Plan the “how”

Now that you have clearly defined where you are going you need to make a road map on how you will get there. These are the practical steps needed to achieve your big idea. Lay out a set of goals for yourself (Also, check out a post from a few weeks back on “How to achieve your goals”) that can guide you along the way to reaching your destination.
Often times our “big ideas” never actually turn into anything because we do not know how to get started. Hopefully these steps help you the next time you have a shower revelation that will change youth ministry forever!


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  • Reply Tim Johnson February 16, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    This is such great wisdom. I try to always try make sure my “big idea” lines up with the mission and vision of our student ministry. It can be so easy to get focused on things that are not advancing or propelling the ministry forward. When we do this, we can get bogged down quickly. This is why the last two things you mentioned are so important. Sharing our ideas helps others keep us on track, and defining what we are trying to helps us recognize if our idea lines up with our mission and vision.

    • Reply toddjones417@gmail.com February 16, 2016 at 10:55 pm

      Totally! Great feedback, thanks for the support!

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