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What Does Christmas Say About You

December 6, 2016

In a world that doesn’t take any extra steps to make us feel loved, valued, or worth much at all Christmas speaks volumes about us. Around Christmastime it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, the glitz and glam, and the busyness of everything. But it is so important to pause and remember what Christmas is all about because the Christmas story screams of your worth and value.

One of the most neglected things in youth ministry is ourselves. We are concerned about how students are doing, how they are feeling, if the programming is good, if our messages are clearly communicated, if our leaders are doing alright, how the rest of the church views our ministry, and anything else you can think of. Usually the last thing on our list is ourself, and let’s be honest, we never make it to the end of our list. Especially around Christmastime there is so much to do and we spend so much time trying to get students to realize the true meaning of Christmas that for us it just becomes a part of all the hustle and bustle.

The problem with all of that though is that many of us struggle deeply to see ourselves correctly and while we are pouring into everyone else we do not have a positive view of ourself. Our worth and value is constantly being questioned in our minds and we feel like dirt. If you’re honest, I am sure you have dealt with this, and without a correct view of yourself showing others their value will be a constant struggle.

So, what does Christmas have to say about your value?

Not the Santa and the tree Christmas, but the Baby Jesus Christmas. It all comes down to the question of why? Why did God send Jesus to this earth as a baby to have to deal with all the struggles of this life? His arrival wasn’t a triumphant entry. He was literally born in a barn. So, why?

The answer: Because you were worth it!

You are worth Jesus coming. “But I don’t feel worth it at all. I don’t have anything really special about me, I am kind of vanilla and I really don’t feel worth anything.” The problem with that idea and view is that you are not the one that gets to determine your worth and value. The value of something is determined by the price that someone is willing to pay for it.

That is a concept that we should totally be able to understand during this time of year as we are all frantically trying to buy the perfect gift for everyone in our life. When you pick something off the shelf and it is way over priced you have the power to make the decision whether or not it is worth the price they are asking. You determine its value based on what you are willing to pay for it. If it is a sweet pair of socks but they are asking $150 for them you wouldn’t buy them because even if they were great socks they are probably worth at most $10-15 (if you like expensive socks). In the world the value of something is determined by how much someone is willing to pay for it.

Jesus determined your value when He WILLINGLY paid the ultimate price for you. When Jesus was sent to this earth and born as a baby, as we celebrate on Christmas, God determined your value, and He saw you as someone who was worth paying the ultimate price for. Too often we look to other things to see our value when God has already told us our value with His actions. You have extreme value and Christmas speaks volumes to that fact.

God sent Jesus to earth and that is the big reveal of our value. God sees you as someone who is worth it, who has value, who is amazing! We need to remind ourselves of this fact often, and especially during this time of year when things get so busy and it is so easy to lose sight of who we are. Christmas is all around us and during this season we need to make everything we see a reminder to us of our value because of who we are in Christ and the price He was willing to pay to purchase us.


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