The Key To Getting Your Ministry On Track

April 5, 2016

Youth ministry is not easy. There are major ups and downs and sometimes you just feel like pulling your hair out! (that is, if you haven’t already lost it all). One of the most frustrating times in ministry is when you just can’t seem to gain traction. You feel like you are pouring all you have into the ministry, all your time, energy and effort, without seeing any results. It is not for a lack of passion or effort because you are doing a lot but something is just not right.

I have sat down with many youth workers in the exact same boat. They are simply stuck. They feel as if they have tried everything but nothing is working to grow the group, bring in new students, get past the stale environment, and bring life to the ministry.

Not only can it lead to frustration but you know that if things do not change the church is going to suffer. It could lead to killing your ministry or even losing your position. You know that you have been called to ministry but when you think about it you wonder if your ministry is actually helping the church or dragging it down.

I know the feeling. I have had some rough times in ministry, and sat with many youth workers in the same place. But over the years of ministry I learned some simple things that can get your ministry back on track.

They key to getting yourself on track is simply knowing why you do what you do. The Sunday school answer is Jesus, and that is a great answer that does need to be why you’re doing ministry. But you need to know a little bit more about what you are shooting for in ministry. We have to have a cohesive mission, vision and plan of attack. A lot of times we spend so much energy trying to go somewhere but we don’t actually know where that is. If you don’t know where you are going you will never get there.

I have seen many ministries run smoother, reach more students, equip students, grow numerically as well as spiritually, and just all around improve. All because they developed a strategy that laid out where they were going and how they would get there. Because let’s face it, a ministry without a mission is just a club. God has called us to so much more!

It is crucial that you develop a mission, vision, and plan of attack within your youth ministry. I have written a short ebook to guide you through discovering, identifying, and organizing the mission God has given your ministry.

The ebook will also help you develop a plan for achieving that mission. Mission without a plan of action is nothing more than a tweetable phrase. I want to teach you how to use your mission, vision, and plan of attack to change your ministry and take some stress out of your life.

This very affordable, extremely valuable, short, easy to read Ebook is available for purchase here at Stoked On Youth Ministry. It is very low priced because, I am not trying to make a ton of money off of this. I really just want to help you make your life in ministry easier and help you reach as many students as possible.

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