The Volunteer Handbook Package

August 31, 2017


The Volunteer Handbook Bundle is completely downloadable and contains the Volunteer Handbook (ebook), Discussion Guide, Volunteer Strength Flow Chart, and more. This short ebook is the ultimate volunteer guide, communicating the massive impact volunteer leaders have on youth ministry and practical advice on how to connect with students, go the extra mile, and be passionate about volunteering. In short, it is everything you want to tell your volunteers before they begin.


Download it once and it is yours to email to or print and give to your whole team and any new additions or prospective volunteers. Get ready to witness transformation in your ministry as your volunteers thrive.


What’s inside the ebook?

An introduction and 5 short chapters that discuss…

-Thanks for being a leader

-Answering the “But I am just a volunteer” statement

-The importance of relational ministry and tips on how

-How to own your role as a volunteer leader

-Not limiting your impact, and going beyond just the youth group setting

-4 tips on ways to make your youth pastor very happy with your leadership

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