How To Lead Killer Games

July 12, 2016

Have you ever had a game just flat out flop? Have you ever had a game turn out simply amazing? I think we would all agree that the amazing one is the one we hope for and want! But what if there was something you could do to move every game out of the flop zone and into the range of amazing… There is!

Here are a few essential tips on leading killer games!

1. Plan well

Think through what your games will look like, how they will play out, and what you will need to do them BEFORE youth group. Can you pull off a game last minute and have it be awesome? Yes, you probably can, and you probably have. But you cannot do every game last minute and expect it to be awesome every time. You got lucky but that is not how it always works.

Plan and prep your game so you do NOT have to substitute materials because you didn’t have time to make it to the store (yes we have all done this before).
2. Bring energy

Even if you fail to plan, or you just planned a bad game you can still make it work. You as the game leader have to have energy!

When I started as an intern I was asked to lead games. I loved everything about it, but 2 weeks after I was given the responsibility it was taken away from me, and the only reason given was “I think Bob might be able to give it more energy”. I was a little upset and confused until I watched Bob lead a few games, and compared it to the livestream recordings of the service that I had of myself leading. I quickly understood. The person leading the game needs to be the Energizer battery that powers the game and keeps the excitement up at all times.

Bring energy as the game leader, keep talking the whole time, make ordinary things exciting with your voice inflection and excitement level. You can make a lame game fun by simply bringing energy.

3. Sell it hard

If you have the dumbest game in the world but YOU as the leader are pumped about it and sell it as awesome students will think it is awesome. If you go up on stage and start with “well this might be lame but we will try” it will probably be lame. But if you go up with a super lame game and say “This is going to be the greatest game in the history of youth group, I am so pumped” chances are it will turn out awesome!

Get your students to buy in before they even play by selling it. If you sell it, chances are they will buy it.
Leading games can be awesome, and it can be frustrating. Hopefully these tips can help you as you lead killer games!

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