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Game Ideas…

~Battle Ship

Supplies needed: Water balloons, water balloon launcher, a large outside area

How to Play: Divide students into 2 teams. Have students spread out and pick a spot to lay on the ground. They must stay in the spot they choose and not move. Each side will be equipped with a water balloon launcher to launch the balloons and try and hit the ships.

~Blindfolded Limbo

Supplies needed: Blind folds, a stick or pool noodle

How to Play: This is an upfront game. Bring 2 students up and blind fold them. Tell them it is limbo and they will have to walk under the stick. Let them feel with their hands where the stick is then say “Go” and remove the stick. Watch as the blindfolded students walk around bending and moving in weird ways with nothing for them to actually go under. Get the crowd involved with telling them “lower”, “right” “left” and watch the show. It is funny, but make sure you pick students who would not get upset or have their feels hurt when they realize they are a part of the joke.

~Blind Guards

Supplies needed: A few pool noodles, blindfolds, a metal bowl

How to play: Blindfold a few ‘guards’ (number of guards depends on size of group) and give them a pool noodle (or half of one). Place a set of keys in a metal bowl and put the bowl under a single chair. The rest of the student’s job is to try and get the keys out of the bowl and away from the guards without getting hit by the pool noodle. The metal bowl makes it harder to get the keys out without it being heard. One guard is allowed to sit in the chair with the bowl under it but the others are not. When someone is hit by a pool noodle they can either go back and ‘reset’ or be out until the whole game is reset, your choice on how you want to play it. Have fun!

~Body Bumper Soccer

Supplies needed: Inner-tubes/sumo body bumpers, soccer ball

How to Play: Just regular soccer with body bumpers tubes around them. Its awesome!

~Candle Shootout

Supplies needed: candles, tiny squirt guns

How to Play: Light the candles and have students try to shoot them out from behind a line. First one to shoot their candle out wins. Usually best as an up front game, but could also work as a leg of relay race, or group game if your group’s size works for it.


Supplies needed: Dice, popsicle sticks

How to play: Place the popsicle stick in the mouth and then stack dice on the end of it. Have students see who can stack the most the fastest.

~Drip, Drip, Drop

Supplies needed: Sponges, buckets of water

How to play: A spin on duck, duck, goose. This is a great summer game. Have students sit in a circle and have the “ducker” grab a wet sponge and “drip” people, until they get to the one they want to “Drop” and they squeeze the sponge on them. Other than that regular rules of duck, duck, goose apply.

~Fruit Basket!

Supplies needed: Chairs

How to play: Make a large circle with chairs. Have enough chairs for each student except the one standing in the middle. Assign each student with the name of 1 of 4 fruits (Apple, banana, strawberry, orange). The student in the middle yells out one the fruits, those students then have to get up and find a new seat. The person in the middle will sit in one of their seats and a new person will be left in the middle. The person in the middle can either call out a fruit, call out multiple fruits, OR call out “Fruit Basket” where everyone has to get up and find a new seat.

~Fruity Smile

Supplies needed: None

How to play: Students sit in a circle so that they can see everyone else. Each student picks a fruit and tells it to the group. Students are to remember everybody’s fruit. Students are not allowed to show their teeth but must say their fruit and someone else’s fruit, the person who’s fruit is called must then say theirs and someone else’s. For example “Apple to pomegranate” “pomegranate to banana” and so forth. If a student shows their teeth they are out. Everyone will end up laughing hysterically and their lips will hurt, but it’s a really fun game especially for waiting in line or long car rides.

~Fan the Ornament (A Christmas Game)

Supplies needed: Round ball ornaments, wrapped flat rectangular boxes (2), tape

How to play: Place the round ornaments on the ground and fan them with the wrapped box to make them move. Have students get them from a starting line to another designated area (a tape circle on the ground) without touching them, just fanning. Make it a race, a timed competition, create some obstacles to fan around, make it a team game or relay. Have fun!

~Head, Shoulders, Cup

Supplies needed: Cups, or cones

How to play: Have everyone get a partner and face each other. Place a cup or cone on the ground in between them. Have the game master yell out “head, shoulders, knees, toes” or any combination of those… At random the game master will yell out “cup (or cone” and the first one to grab it wins.

~Hook the Cane

Supplies needed: Candy Canes.

How to play: Make a pile of candy canes. Have players use 1 candy cane (with hook facing down) in their mouth. The player who can hook and move the most candy canes from the pile in a given amount of time wins. Enjoy!

~Michelin Balloon Man

Supplies needed: 2 sets of oversized long johns, balloons

How to Play: Have a students put on a pair of oversized long johns over their clothes. Have the rest of the students blow up balloons and stuff them into the long johns. The student who gets the most balloons in wins. A fun way to count is to pop them with a pin one by one. Note: Try to keep boys and girls separated so they aren’t stuffing balloons on a member of the opposite sex.

~Pantyhose head swing

I didn’t know what else to call it, but hey the title pretty much explains it.

Supplies needed: Pantyhose, baseballs, water bottles

How to play: Put a ball in one of the legs of the pantyhose so it is weighed down. Put pantyhose over the head and place water bottles in a circle around them. First person to knock down all of the water bottles by swinging their heads wins. This game can be played with a few on stage, or with as many as you decide to buy pantyhose for!

~Poop Deck!

Supplies needed: An open area where students can run, and tape or rope.

How to play: Tape on the ground (or lay out rope) 4 areas about 50 feet apart. Label them #1, #2, #3, and “poop”(see below)


The game admin will call out, “1”, “2”, “3”, “poop deck”, “hit the deck” or “swap the deck”. Students have to run to which ever deck is called out by the game admin.. 1, 2, 3, or the poop deck. If the game admin calls out “Hit the deck” everyone must drop to their knees, if  “swap the deck” is called everyone must lay flat. Whoever is the last one in the area or on the ground is out. The admin can have as much fun as they want calling out a new deck when they are half way to the first one, or by simply going back and forth between hit the deck and swap the deck as many times as they want.

~Save The Baby

Supplies needed: 2 baby dolls, open area

How to play: It is simply capture the flag but played with baby dolls as the flags. Perfect for superhero themed youth groups or series.

~Sticky Lick

Supplies needed: Peanut butter, 2 sheets of glass (take them out of a picture frame)

How to play: Put a good size glob of peanut butter on a piece of glass. Have students face each other, or face the audience. The first student to lick off the peanut butter wins. It is gross/hilarious! Tip – make sure you choose students who do NOT have peanut allergies!


Supplies needed: Chairs, trash cans(or stools), rolled up news paper

How to play: The game begins with everyone seated in a circle except for one or more people who are the swatters. The swatters have a rolled up and taped newspaper in hand and choose someone seated to swat. Once they swat someone they must run and set the newspaper on the upside down trash cans placed around the center of the circle and get back to the open seat (where the person they swatted was sitting) before the person who was swatted gets the newspaper from the trash can and swats them. If the newspaper falls off the trash can, the original swatter is still in the middle (this prevents the swatter from just swatting and throwing the newspaper at the can). You can also use pool noodles cut in half as the swatting stick. -Game Submitted by Brandon Lynch from Littleton Colorado.

~Throw It Up

Supplies needed: A ball, an open area

How to play: Everybody stands in a circle. The person in the middle throws up the ball and yells a name of someone standing in the circle. That person then runs in and tries to catch the ball before it touches the ground. If they don’t catch the ball before it touches the ground everybody else will run away until the person who’s name was called gets the ball and yells “Freeze!” Then they will freeze themselves, and try to throw the ball and tag someone. If they hit someone, then that person is out. If they don’t hit anyone then they are out. The game continues with either that person in the middle of the circle or the person they tried to tag with the ball but missed.

~Toast Roulett

Supplies needed: A toaster, bread, toppings

How to play: Sit in a circle with a toaster in the middle. Put a piece of bread in the toaster and start it. Pass another piece of toast around the circe, and every person puts a topping on the toast (gross stuff, good stuff, whatever you choose). After they put a topping on they then pass it to the next person, this continues until the toast in the toaster pops. The person holding the toast with the topping on it when the toaster pops has to eat the toast they are holding with all the toppings on it. This game is great for smaller youth groups, or in small groups.

~Ultimate Ball

Supplies needed: 3-5 toddler balls, 2 trash cans

How to play: Same concept as ultimate frisbee. Two even teams working to score a goal in the other teams end zone. Except instead of just making in to the end zone them must score by making the ball into the other teams trash can. Students can not run while holding the ball, and every time the ball hits the ground it switches possession. Play with multiple balls to keep it even more interesting and upbeat.

~The Winking Game

Supplies needed: Chairs

How to play: have students place chairs in a circle and have half the students sit in the chairs and the other half stand behind the seated students. Standing students stare at the back of the head of the seated student. One student stands behind an open chair, that student is the “winker”. Seated students look at the winker and if they get winked at they have to try to make it to the open seat before the student behind them (looking at their back) tags them. If the standing person tags the seated person they then switch.

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