From Body Odor To Diploma

November 14, 2017

Sixth through twelfth grade is a massive span with massively different needs, wants, and likes. As the title would suggest, one group is worrying about buying deodorant and getting their first armpit hair, while the other is thinking about graduating, picking colleges, careers, and the trajectory of their lives. However, if you are like most youth workers across the country, both middle school and high school students are in the care of your ministry and it is your job to minister to both groups effectively.

These groups are completely different. So, how do you handle the very difficult task of ministering to both of them?

This week the National Youth Workers Convention will be meeting in Memphis Tennessee for an incredible few days of learning, worship, and connecting with other youth workers. I have the honor of teaching a breakout session with four other youth workers on this very topic. From Body Odor to Diploma: Effectively ministering to both middle schoolers & High Schoolers will be taught by five different perspectives covering the whole gamut: someone who leads just middle school, someone who leads just high school, someone who leads both and has them half together-half separate, someone who leads both and has them combined the whole time, and myself who leads both and has them completely separate.

Every perspective on this topic is covered and the material is going to be excellent! If you are going to NYWC you cannot miss this breakout session!!!

From Body Odor To Diploma: Effectively Reaching Both Middle School and High School Students

Sunday November 19th at 8am

You can check out more about this seminar here and let us know if you are coming

Another thing I am super excited about that you don’t have to go to the conference to experience… The launch of my 2 new ebooks through Youth Specialties. They will be available for purchase at the conference but you can also get them online right now! (Click on the books)



Written By Todd Jones

Todd has been in youth ministry for over a decade and has a passion for reaching lost students and training youth workers to do the same. He is the founder of  Stoked On Youth Ministry, a speaker, author, and pastor. When Todd is not writing or speaking he enjoys surfing, baseball and most importantly hanging out with his awesome wife and three beautiful daughters. You can connect with Todd on Twitter @TheTodd_Jones, Instagram @Todd_Jones or for speaking inquiries visit TheToddJones.com


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