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Christmas Ideas

November 29, 2016

Christmas! It’s the most magical time of the year and also one of the most demanding for a youth worker. There is a ton to do, and a ton that is expected from you during this time of year in youth ministry. Every other time of year it is up to you what you do but during this time of year it is expected that you come up with an awesome Christmas party, stellar christmas teaching series and more. So, what type of awesome Christmas party will you do? How will you come up with yet another Christmas teaching series? What gifts will you give your leaders for Christmas?

Delivering year after year for Christmas is not easy. But here are a few ideas of what to do, what to talk about, and what to give. Hopefully, these ideas help spark something to make your Christmas planning a little bit easier.

Party Ideas

-Christmas Movies

-Star Wars Christmas

-Flannels and Flapjacks Christmas

-Awkward Family Christmas

-12 Days of Christmas

-Christmas Masquerade

-Christmas Fashion Show

-White Elephant

-Christmas Pajama Party

-Aloha Christmas

Christmas Teaching Series

-“Christmas Story” (like Toy Story)

-“Christmas On The Big Screen” (Christmas Movies)

-“Christmas Hope”

-“When Christmas Sucks: Dealing with Disappointment”

-“The First Christmas Carols”

-“Ghosts of Christmas”

-“Fear Not”

-“Unwrapped: The True Story Of Christmas”

-“The Gift To Pass On”


Leader Gift Ideas

-Sweatshirts with youth logos and design (or other youth swag)

-Novelty gifts (pooping deer, santa, etc)

-Board Games

-Candy Sampler Basket

-Gift Cards

-Youth Trip Survival Kits

-Ornaments, mugs, candles, Christmas treats

-Books or Music

-Something for them to use to relax… movie tickets, pedicures, massages, mini golf, sporting tickets, or whatever else you can think  of!

-A Yard Gnome… or any other really random thing that would be funny


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