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Check Yourself!

August 16, 2016

Check yourself before you wreck yourself! One of your best tools in ministry can be the tool of evaluation or checking up on yourself. Often times we skip this very critical step and run the risk of becoming extremely frustrated and doing less than quality ministry. The major problem is that without checking ourselves we can end up doing poor ministry for a long period of time.

I think of it as a fly that keeps buzzing into the window. Buzz, smack! Buzz, smack! Over and over again without realizing that the window is shut or at least the area it is trying to get out of is. Without evaluation we end up doing the same thing, smacking into a preverbal ministry window, over and over again.

Here are a few areas you should be regularly checking yourself on…

1. After events

Evaluation after events is extremely important. What worked? What didn’t work? What do we HAVE to do again? What should we NEVER do again? Those are all questions you should be asking.

Evaluate by yourself, AND with your leaders. Get their thoughts on how it went and how it can be improved. Other people may see different things and have a different perspective, so it is important to get their evaluation as well.
2. After Seasons

Fall, summer, spring. All different seasons and they all bring different challenges and opportunities in ministry. It is important that you evaluate your entire season to see what can be changed, and what should stay the same. Set up some areas to measure your ministry by and schedule time to actually sit down and do it. Also, bring your leaders in on this one as well, maybe even include some mature student leaders that might have some insight.

3. Personally

Evaluate not only group events but YOUR personal work as well. Evaluate how well you spend office time, what worked, didn’t work, and what you could do differently. Evaluate your messages, ask someone trusted to do the same, figure out how you can improve as a communicator and leader. Also, evaluate your personal walk. Stop and ask yourself ‘How is my relationship with Christ?’. How is your personal Bible time, prayer time, heart? Evaluate yourself.
Sometimes evaluating yourself, or your ministry can be painful. But if that is the case you can tell why it is so important. As workers for Christ we should always be striving to do the best work we possibly can and that is why it is so important that we check ourselves before we slip into doing poor ministry and giving the Lord less than the best!


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