Apps, Tips, and Tricks to Make Your Youth Ministry Look Professional

June 9, 2015

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If your church is like most churches across the country a large portion of the things you work with are probably outdated. The building, decor, furniture, tech, methods of communication, and more could use an update. We are trying to do ministry in the 21st century but most of the stuff we have to work with is from the last one. The problem with this is that our competition isn’t other churches it is the world that we live in. All students have to do is turn on the TV or attend a concert to get the image in their heads of what is cool and boom, the standard has been set for us. So, are we going to be able to match the production that Hollywood puts on? No, and there is no way that 99% of churches could financially afford that but there are a few areas that you can concentrate on when it comes to presenting your ministry as professional. Check out these affordable, easy ways to make your ministry look professional.

(These are a few of the very easy ways, this is not an exhaustive list, and it does not cover many of the apps, and programs that exist. I may write a blog focusing on those another day.)

The Youth Room

Most youth budgets do not allow much for facility improvement, but most youth ministries need major improvements. The youth room is what the students see when they first walk in and you can make a quick impression by creating a space that presents itself well.

-Make a stage
This will immediately make the room look intentional and will give students a sense that the ministry is run professionally. I know that not everyone wants to use a stage in their ministry but having a stage to at least do the welcome or a game gives the ministry a more professional look. Here is a very simple way to make a stage area…
-4 pallets, a 4×8 sheet of plywood, and a black sheet or curtain.
You can get the pallets for free by simply asking around at local businesses or lumber yards, then stack the pallets 2 high and 2 wide, screw the 4×8 sheet of plywood (that you will probably have to purchase) to the top and there you go you have a 4×8 foot stage that is about a foot or so high. Hang the black sheet or curtains on the wall behind the stage and your stage area is complete.

Paint the room! Give it a new look by simply adding a new coat of paint. The room will look different and the only expense is a gallon of paint.

-Get the old grungy stuff out
I don’t know why, but so many youth room’s decor consists of old, grungy stuff. Get rid of it! “But the students think it is cool.” No, they don’t. Think of a successful, professional business or store where that works? It is not easy to think of one because people like clean and professional not grungeville. Check out some of these DIY room projects (Stokedonym Pintrest Board) that you can do very inexpensively and get your students involved in helping out with them.


You can make your ministry look professional, even if you are not, by simply creating sharp attractive graphics for your series, events, and flyers. You do not have to be a graphic designer or have expensive software to create good looking and eye catching graphics. Here are a few ways to create graphics…

-Free image sites

-Places to edit/create
picmonkey.com , canva.com
Tech & Social Media

Updating the tech can be a huge step in making your ministry look professional. The only problem is that tech stuff is costly! You are right, and I am not going to suggest that you buy all new computers, sound systems, and lights (wouldn’t that be awesome though!) but there are some cheap/free apps that you can get to make your online presence look professional as well as your regular meeting times.
First off, get on social media if you are not on there already! Make accounts for your ministry and update it regularly. Here are some apps that will help with that as well as content.

-Managing your social media
hootsuite.com – This helps to manage all of your ministries’ social media accounts, as well as allows you to schedule posts and track your success and reach.
-Apps for creating better attention grabbing posts
“Ultratext”, “videohance”, “Legend” -These will create videos/moving graphics and words for your posts.
Here are a few other apps and services that can help make your ministry look and function more professionally.

– Check-in/attendance tracking

-Texting services
SimplyTXT, protexting.com
-Powerpoint based games, countdowns, etc.

These are some of the super easy and affordable ways to make your ministry look more professional to students, parents, and the rest of the church. There are many more options out there but these are just a few of the options that exist to help you present your ministry in a professional manner.


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