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we are stoked that you are stoked on youth ministry! Stoked exists to encourage, equip, train, teach, and coach youth workers who are in the trenches of youth ministry. We provide resources to help make youth ministry easier and more effective.



Stoked On Youth Ministry is an award winning blog that features 20+ authors. Stoked was named #7 on the Top 40 Youth Ministry Blogs in 2017.





Stoked was founded in 2015 by Todd Jones and most of the blog content was written by him…

“Hi I am Todd Jones and I am STOKED on youth ministry! I have been involved in youth ministry since 2006 as first a volunteer, then an intern, and since 2011 as a full time pastor. I started Stoked On Youth Ministry as a way to encourage, equip, and train youth workers to reach students. I earned my degree in Christian studies with emphasis in youth ministry from Cal Baptist University where I also played top level collegiate baseball. I have spoke at numerous chapels, churches, camps, retreats, and trainings.  I am married to a beautiful wife named Rachael and we have 3 wonderful daughters. I also enjoy surfing, playing and watching most every sport, and building relationships. My prayer is that the Lord will allow me to reach as many lost students as I can and equip as many youth workers to do the same.”

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