7 Students You are Guaranteed to Have At Camp

July 26, 2015


In honor of the summer camp season, and because I am at camp this week with my students I wanted to bring some light hearted fun as we describe 7 students you are guaranteed to have at camp!

1. The over packer/ under packer

This one could be divided into two but we will just combine them for now. They are either the student that has nothing that they actually need, they basically just brought a single change of clothes and a flashlight with no batteries. Or they are the student who brought everything they own! These students are usually the ones you are very grateful for though because they probably brought 3 packs of double stuffed Oreos with them as well.

2. The no sleeper

This is the student who is the last one to go to sleep and the first one up at the crack of dawn every single day! How they manage to still function, on one will EVER know!!

3. The buy everything at the camp store student

And by camp store I mean not only the store but the shake shop, the candy stand, and the snack bar. They will leave with 3 camp shirts, a hat, bracelet, and frisbee, as well as having purchased 10 shakes, 4 plates of fries, and 5 Red Vine ropes. Oh yea, and they probably ran out of money by the end of day 2!

4. The guaranteed to start a relationship student

Not only is this student guaranteed to get into a relationship but chances are they will have 2 other crushes throughout the week and will probably end up breaking up once or twice.

5. The wanderer

This student will NEVER stay with the group, you never know where they are, they turn up at the most random times, and they will always be in search of that waterfall that is only a half mile outside of camp.

6. The “I am not going to have fun and you can’t make me”

This student, or group of students, is either with your group or with another group but they are guaranteed to be at camp. No. Fun. Ever.

7. The “I don’t like this church stuff” student who ends up giving their life to Christ by the end of the week and is forever changed.
Camp is a LONG week for us as youth workers but it is definitely a small price to pay to see students encounter our mighty God in amazing ways! THANK YOU to everyone who took time out of their schedule to take students to camp this summer!


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