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7 Most Popular Posts of 2017

December 19, 2017

2017 was a great year!! We want to thank everyone who has read, shared, subscribed, and interacted with Stoked On Youth Ministry this past year. Here are the top 7 most popular posts of 2017…

7. When It’s Time To Step Out Of Youth Ministry 

If you have been in youth ministry for any amount of time you have probably questioned whether or not you should be in youth ministry… sometimes it really is time to move on. Youth ministry isn’t for everyone, and sometimes things change. So, when is it time to step out of youth ministry and move on? How do you know if that time is now? (Continue Reading)

6. Using Social Media Effectively

I have never really put into words my strategy for social media for my youth ministry. I can tell you posting just to post won’t get you far. Believe it or not, if you want your students to do more than just scroll past whatever you post and not pay attention, it takes time and intentionality to use social media effectively.(Continue Reading)

5. 3 Practices For Doing Youth Ministry In A Post Christian World

Our culture has gone through a paradigm shift over the last century from Christendom into Post-Christendom. At one time we might have been a Christian culture but all research points to the new reality that we are post-Christian. (Continue Reading)

4. The 4 P’s To A Successful Youth Ministry 

Youth ministry is not easy and there is no magic potion that will make everything awesome but there are some practical steps you can take to running a successful youth ministry. Here are the 4 P’s to a successful youth ministry. (Continue Reading)

3. 5 Goals Every Youth Worker Should Have

Oftentimes youth workers do youth ministry with no thoughts as to why they do it and what their goals are. They simply do it to do it. Honestly, that can be very dangerous. (Continue Reading)

2. 10 Pool Noodle Games

Pool noodles are awesome! They are super cheap, durable, don’t hurt, and have so many uses that don’t involve a pool at all! (Continue Reading)

1. 50 Themed Event Ideas

Okay, okay, it was posted at the end of 2016 but 2017 was its year! The overall most popular post with over 10,000 views, 3,000 shares, and countless successful events… (Continue Reading)


These weren’t posted in 2017, but they have been, and continue to be, some of our most popular posts from over the years…

~8 Tips For Speaking To Middle Schoolers 

We all know middle school ministry can be difficult for the simple reason, they are middle schoolers! One of the most difficult tasks in middle school ministry is speaking and not being upstaged by the walls, the curtains, the ceiling, a fart, a noise, what they had for lunch that day, or simply just their own mind. (Continue Reading)

~5 Keys To Growing A Youth Ministry 

As a youth leader or youth pastor, you are excited about your calling. You have a passion for students, you love Jesus, and you are ready to go! There is only one thing missing. How the heck, do you get students to come to your ministry? (Continue Reading)


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