7 Christmas Games!

December 6, 2015

Bonus Post!

As many of you know we normally post on Tuesdays, which we still are (and you don’t want to miss this week’s post!), but since so many of you are asking about Christmas games we figured this post would be helpful. Here are the 7 Christmas games that I am doing between our high school and middle school groups.

1. Name that tune Christmas edition 

From DYM – click here to check it out

2. Musical Present

How to play: Wrap a present 5 or 6 times. Have students sit in a circle and pass the present until the music stops, the student that is holding it then unwraps it. Don’t tell the students how many times you wrapped it so each one thinks they are the final winner.
(For large groups divide up into groups of 10 or 12 so they aren’t waiting so long for it to pass around a giant circle)

3. Christmas Carol Riddles

For the riddles click here

For the answers click here

Divide up into teams or have students do them individually!

4. Human Present

A classic youth ministry game. Bring students on stage, or divide them up into teams. Give them wrapping paper, bows, tags, and tape. Whoever is wrapped up the best wins!

5. Candy Canes (spoons)

It is simply the card game spoons but with candy canes.

6. Christmas Relay Race

Eating christmas foods/candy, decorating a mini tree, putting on a santa costume, wrapping a present, grabbing candy canes, putting a wreath around the neck, or anything else you can think of. Have students form teams, send them one at a time to complete the tasks. You know, a relay race.

7. A white elephant gift exchange

We all know how this is played. It can be an awesome game for small groups, a large group broken up into smaller groups, or large groups.


I hope these games give you ideas and help your ministry this Christmas season!

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